Wind: Traveling Great Distances was a collaborative event that took place on July 23, 2017 at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  This breezy, interdisciplinary program presented wind-inspired music, dance, and visual art.  Wind is a vital source of energy throughout the Midwest, particularly Indiana.  Bringing together artists, from all over the world, GRIT Collaborative helped promote a dialogue between artists, from different disciplines, to talk about the importance of wind in their daily lives and the impact of wind with the local, Fort Wayne community. 

Music was selected from an international Call for Scores.  Hundreds of submissions were received from over 20 countries. 

Sophia Jarrell, choreographer/dancer
Lindsey Schoeneman, visual artist
Erin Cameron, clarinet
Lydia Dempsey, oboe
Alex Meaux, bassoon
Timothy Doyle, composer
Daniel Fawcett, composer
Chia-yu Hsu, composer
Amelia Kaplan, composer
Nora Ponte, composer
David Snow, composer
Michael Wittgraf, composer
Henry Ross Wixon, composer