Current Call for Scores:
Our Call for Scores for the Fall of 2018 will be coming out soon! Check back for more information or send us an e-mail with any questions. Please address any questions to Joshua Marquez at:
-Scores are Required for acoustic works, recordings are optional (but highly encouraged)
-Recordings are required for electroacoustic works, no score or written component is required
-Headshot is required for promotional materials
-All materials must be submitted via Dropbox (or other file sharing service) and MUST BE AVAILABLE THROUGH [TBA 2018] Available instrumentation: 2 flutes/piccolos 3 clarinets 2 bass clarinets 2 alto saxophones 1 tenor saxophone 2 violins 1 viola 1 cello 1 bass (or 1 electric bass)
Deadline: [TBA 2018]
Name *
All files must be available through March 25, 2018. Any files that are not accessible through March 25, 2018 will not be considered. If selected, you will be contacted to send individual parts.
How do you, as an artist, and/or your piece relate to the theme of this collaboration? The theme for this event centers around the representation of marginalized groups (i.e. artists/composers who are women, people of color, LGBTQIA+) in the United States. How do you fit into this dialogue? We are seeking artists who represent such marginalized groups in order to further the discussion regarding representation and discrimination within the arts, and the larger world. As this event also involves an (optional) artist talk(s) at local venues, we hope to give a platform to a group of artists/composers that have the most to say about such issues.
Is there anything we need to consider? Do you have a special request regarding the presentation of your work?
Terms of Agreement *
By checking "I Accept", you agree that, if selected, your work will be presented, collaboratively, with a work outside of your field (i.e. your work will be paired with another work(s) from the following: dance, music, or visual art). GRIT Collaborative values the artistic integrity of the artist and will honor their requests to the best of our abilities. We will add you to our mailing list so you may receive our monthly updates regarding open calls, announcements, and news. Due to the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of these projects, these performances are not eligible for royalties from ASCAP, BMI, SEASAC, or any other performing rights organization.