GRIT Collaborative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit social justice organization that offers a platform for community conversation. Through collaboratively-curated events, workshops, and gatherings, GRIT Collaborative encourages connection and dialogue.  GRIT Collaborative’s programming strives to increase the visibility of underrepresented people and amplify marginalized voices, providing accessibility for all to participate and engage.  Our organization believes advocating for systemic change starts with finding common ground.


Our vision is to build positive community engagement opportunities that advocate for systematic change.  GRIT Collaborative strives to increase the visibility of underrepresented people and amplify marginalized voices. 


Today, many artists face the challenge of participation fees, residency costs, and crippling debt in order to show or perform work.  As an nonprofit organization, we seek to increase opportunities for accessible arts programming for everybody involved, including the artists and the audience.  GRIT Collaborative was formed, partially, as response to what can be a costly and discriminatory system for artists to navigate.  Our nonprofit's free, public programming is possible with the generous support of our donors and sponsors.


GRIT Collaborative operates out of Iowa and North Carolina, however, GRIT Collaborative programs interdisciplinary and collaborative arts events throughout the United States, and through digital spaces.  Most of our open calls not only extend beyond state and regional lines, but are open to artists, worldwide.  As a nonprofit, our Board of Directors and collaborators live and work all of over the globe.  GRIT Collaborative has facilitated workshops throughout Iowa, Indiana, North Carolina, and Arizona.  Now, more than ever, collaborative efforts are necessary for nourishing growth.  Keep in touch to find GRIT Collaborative events, near you!